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After-Dinner Thanksgiving Activities

family eating thanksgiving dinner around table

When your friends and family are gathered for a Thanksgiving meal, the meal can take up the majority of your time. It’s normal to spend hours at the table chatting, reminiscing, and laughing, but what happens after the meal? In this week’s post for The Mansions 3Eighty Apartments Blog, we’ll share with you some after-dinner activities that you can do on Thanksgiving!

Watch a Movie

After dinner, it’s normal to settle in on the couch and rest from the vigorous eating you’ve been doing. Instead of sitting there doing nothing, we suggest putting on a Thanksgiving or fall-themed movie like A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving or Good Will Hunting. We suggest taking out some extra pillows and blankets to allow your family members and friends to be comfortable. Don’t be surprised if people fall asleep!

Play Some Games

If you want to take advantage of the time you have with your friends and family, we recommend breaking out some games! Get some willing guests to commit to playing some games and make a decision of what to play at that point. Choose a card game or board game that everyone can play, and remember to have fun! If some of your guests don’t wish to participate, don’t force them. It’s difficult to have fun when you’re being forced.


Sometimes the best thing to do is catch up with the friends and family you haven’t seen in a while. Ask them about what’s going on in their life, their achievements and goals, but be aware of sensitive topics. Don’t pry too hard into their life if they choose not to share everything and avoid asking questions like “Why aren’t you married yet?” or “When are you going to have kids?” as these questions may be a sensitive matter that is out of their control.

Do you have any fun activities you do after a Thanksgiving meal? Share it with our Little Elm, TX apartment community by leaving a comment!