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Get to Know Your Cutting-Edge Kitchen

Get to Know Your Cutting-Edge Kitchen

There is a host of luxury amenities here at The Mansions 3Eighty our residents get to enjoy every day. One important one of is the kitchen you get to prepare your finest meals or quickest snacks in. Learn more about our kitchens’ features in today’s blog.


One of the more easily noticeable aspects of our kitchens is how spacious they are. A seamless addition to your living and dining rooms, your kitchen has ample counter space on both the main part of the kitchen and on the island housing the sink. With a pantry tucked subtly into a corner, you can store your foods and spices in your designer kitchen cabinets without having to worry about running out of space.


You can also have confidence in how you interact with your kitchen by knowing that it’s made of the finest material, adding to its functionality and beauty. Our elegant granite kitchen countertops and real porcelain tile backsplashes take your typical kitchen up a few notches, distinguishing it from others and showing that each detail of your home contributes to the luxury of living like royalty. The tile backsplashes are also easy to clean, so you can keep them sparkling and looking like new with minimal effort.


Another important part of any kitchen is the design and quality of your appliances — and the ones in our Mansions 3Eighty apartments don’t disappoint! We deliver on high-quality appliances by supplying apartment homes with stainless steel Whirlpool® appliances, which add to the sleek and modern feel to your home and which make preparing a delicious home-cooked meal after a long day an easy process you can actually enjoy. So invite over a friend or two and show off the beauty of your kitchen with a tasty dinner to add to the cozy but refined experience of your home.


What’s your favorite part of your kitchen? Let us know in the comments. Thanks for reading!