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Give Thanks This November

hand writing thank you note

Because Thanksgiving is at the end of this month, take the time to reflect on the people who have touched your life, and do something to express your gratitude to them. In this week’s post  The Mansions 3Eighty Blog has got a short list of things you can do to say thank you.

Gratitude Journal

Catalog your gratitude by writing in a gratitude journal. Take some time every night to go over your day and write down the things that you’re grateful for. This practice will allow you to be more grateful for the smaller, simple things that happen in your life, as well as help you keep an accurate accounting of the people who have changed your life for the better. You can also use the gratitude journal as a reference for when you’re wanting to write thank you notes and letters of gratitude, or give a gift.

Thank You Notes

Looking for a small way to show your friends or family that you care for what they’ve done for you? Writing a thank you note can be that small gesture that you’re looking for. These small notes will not only express your thanks, but can also be the thing that can turn someone’s day around. When writing these notes, mention the recipient by name and write a small phrase summarizing why you’re writing the note. Hand deliver the notes or so they’re sure to receive them.

Write a Letter

Occasionally, it may seem more appropriate to write a long-form letter to express your gratitude, as thank you notes may not have enough space for you to say all that you need to say. As you write your letter, make sure it’s heartfelt. Address the recipient by name and use specific experiences to make the letter more personal. If at all possible, deliver the letter in person.

Do you have any ways you enjoy saying thank you? Share them with our Little Elm, TX apartment community so we can try them out!