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Hot Dog Month!


The Mansions 3Eighty Apartments Blog, Little Elm, TX  Celebrate National Hot Dog Month this July with some of our suggested recipes for some delicious hot dogs!

Did you know that July is National Hot Dog Month? This all-American classic food is not only delicious, but has a variety of ways to be consumed! Whether you’re making hot dogs for your meal or using them for leftovers, you can enjoy this year’s National Hot Dog Month with some of the recipes that we have for you on this week’s The Mansions 3Eighty Apartments Blog. Buzzfeed has compiled this incredible list of hot dog recipes that go above and beyond, and we’ve taken a few of our favorites from that list.


Slow Cooker Chili Cheese Dogs

Probably one of the most common ways to spruce up a hot dog is the chili cheese dog because it’s delicious! The combination of the chili, the cheese, and the saltiness of the hot dog make for a perfect mixture of savory delight.


Bacon-Wrapped Jalapeño Hot Dogs

Bacon. Japaneño. Hot dogs. Each of these things is delicious on its own, but when you bring them together, they fuse to make a delicious meal with a kick! You’ll need some bacon, japaneños, hot dogs, and guacamole to cool off the spice!


Buffalo Hot Dogs

If you love buffalo wings, you’re going to love this buffalo hot dog recipe! Blue cheese crumbles, Frank’s Red Hot Buffalo Wings sauce, diced celery, and hot dogs all come together under a buffalo mayo. This recipe is mouth-watering and is sure to give you the spice kick you’re looking for.


Sriracha Guacamole Hot Dogs

Sriracha has been all the rage in recent years, so why not incorporate it into your hot dog? Mix the sriracha with some guacamole to create a more complex flavor and pile that onto your hot dog with tomatoes added. With that, you’ve got a delicious light meal!


Take advantage of this year’s National Hot Dog Month and enjoy some delicious hot dog recipes right here in Little Elm, TX!