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New Year's Resolutions to Consider

two people running on treadmills

Have you ever recorded New Year’s resolutions? The new year is a time for people to make some changes, and resolutions are a good way to get the ball rolling! It can get difficult, however, to find the right resolution, especially because you want to make that positive change and have it last. In this week’s The Mansions 3Eighty Apartments Blog, we’ve got a few suggestions on resolutions we think you should consider.


The most popular resolutions people make are the ones that revolve around exercise. The new year ushers in a fresh start and many use that as an opportunity to get healthier and stave off weight. As tempting as it is to resolve to lose a specified amount of weight, we suggest finding a resolution that involves developing positive exercise habits! Resolve to head to the gym every day, go running each morning, or go hiking each weekend. As you develop these healthy exercise habits, you’ll be a step closer to creating a lasting positive change.

Healthy Eating

Along with exercise, healthy eating is another popular choice for a resolution. Many people develop bad eating habits as the year progresses and as they encounter more stressful times, so it can be beneficial to attempt to change your eating habits. If you have resolved to exercise, coupling it with a healthy eating resolution will help you see positive results faster! Remember that healthy eating is more than just eating salad. Ensure that you’re getting the nutrients your body needs by eating adequate amounts of food. Strive for a decent caloric deficit, but don’t starve yourself!


Sometimes we get caught up in our lives and our relationships suffer, which makes the new year a great opportunity to make amends or foster better relationships! Resolve to be a good friend or make it a goal to reach out to friends you haven’t seen for a while. Either way, be a good friend!

Remember to write your resolutions down and make incremental milestones to achieve your goals! If you’ve got any New Year’s resolutions tips, share them with our Little Elm, TX apartment community by leaving a comment below.