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Photography Tips

close up of 35mm camera

Do you enjoy photography but are just getting into it? Photography is a great way to express your creativity and preserve memories. In this week’s The Mansions 3Eighty Apartments Blog, we’ve got a few photography tips to help you get better. There are many spots here in Little Elm, TX that would be perfect for a photo shoot, so be on the lookout for prime locations. We hope you enjoy these easy tips!


When it comes down to the basics, composition is one of the most important aspects of photography. Understanding the nuances of how a photograph should be framed can drastically bolster the quality of the photograph you take. A simple and easy way to frame your photos as a beginner is to consider the Rule of Thirds.


Have you ever taken a photo and it hasn’t turned out the way you had envisioned it in your mind? Most times, it is the result of lighting. Take the time to understand the settings of your camera and how those settings interact with the lighting. The position of the light, the intensity of the light, and how shadows are affected by the light can turn a normal photograph into a masterpiece. If you’re looking for an easier time with lighting, try shooting during the Golden Hours: the periods shortly after sunrise and before sunset.


Photography is a skill, and much like other skills, practice makes perfect. Though there are many things to learn and perfect when it comes to photography, as you continue to practice and learn more about how your camera works, you’ll be able to produce better quality photos. Take advantage of online resources to learn more and put those things you learn to practice.

Grab your friends and head out during the golden hours to capture some amazing photographs. Thanks for reading!