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Serving in December: Tips from The Mansions 3Eighty

delicious bowls of soup being prepared with family and friends

December is known as the season of giving and most people look to purchase gifts for their loved ones, but this December, give some thought to providing service, too! In this week’s The Mansions 3Eighty Apartments Blog, we’re sharing ways you can give service to loved ones and other people right here in Little Elm, Texas!


Soup Kitchens

December is filled with feasts galore, but not for some people. During the holiday season, it can be easy to forget all of the people who have less than we do, especially when we’re busy buying gifts and spending time with family. Take some time during the season to volunteer at a soup kitchen or food bank. Volunteering can help you see things with different eyes and help you be more grateful for the things you do have.


Bake Cookies

If you enjoy baking, use those talents for a noble purpose! Bake some cookies to give to your friends, family, and neighbors. Though it’s not a grand gesture, a plate of cookies with a small note can go a long way in making someone’s day, week, or even month. Try to find out their favorite cookie so you’re not guessing what they like, and remember to consider their dietary restrictions if you’re able. The last thing you want is for your kind gesture to turn into a trip to the hospital.


Pay it Forward

If you’ve had someone do something nice for you, you can use this season as a time for paying it forward. Paying it forward won’t affect the person who performed acts of kindness for you, but it helps spread the cycle of goodness. It’s a simple concept, if you’ve had something nice done for you, do something nice for five other people.


Don’t let the month of December pass without providing some service. Let our Little Elm, TX apartment community know about any service opportunities in the area!