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St. Patrick's Day Home Decor Ideas


The Mansions 3Eighty Apartments Blog, Little Elm, TX  Celebrate St. Patrick's Day this month by decorating your apartment. Read on for some tips and ideas on how to decorate!

Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day on March 17th this month at your apartment. In today’s The Mansions 3Eighty Blog post we’ll be sharing a list of ways that you can decorate your apartment for this holiday. We hope you enjoy a festive month here in Little Elm, TX.


Burlap Mantel Decor from Landeelu

Make this burlap banner for your wall or to hang over an open doorway. To make it you’ll just need a few items and supplies; here’s a list: gold polkadot burlap, plain burlap, green craft paint, green yarn, painter’s tape, a sponge brush, and scissors. Find these items at your favorite local craft store and get started!


Shamrock Balloons from Oh Happy Day

Whether you’re hosting a St. Patrick’s Day party or just want to add some festivity to your apartment, make these shamrock balloons. To make them you’ll need green heart balloons, green baking twine, and scissors.


St. Patrick’s Day Clay Pot Planters from The Merry Thought

These clay pots decorated for St. Patrick’s Day are perfect to keep up all spring. They’re also a subtle way to decorate for the holiday using real greenery. To make them you’ll need these supplies: clay pots, white and gold paint, and green plants. Get creative and make them unique to your space and fill them with your favorite houseplants.


Shamrock Mason Jars from Mason Jar Crafts

These Mason jars will work great at blending into your regular home decor pieces with just a small touch of the holiday. To make these jars you’ll need the following supplies: pint- and quart-sized Mason Jars, gold metallic spray paint, green acrylic paint, toothpicks, and a medium tip paint brush.


Swinging Shamrocks from Better Homes & Gardens

These swinging shamrocks are a fun item to hang from a doorway, over the kitchen table, or in the corner of a room. They’re fairly simple to make. You’ll need the following supplies to make them: cardboard tubes, a hot glue gun, green paint, scissors, and fishing line or string.


Do you decorate for St. Patrick’s Day? Let us know in the comments below. Thanks for reading The Mansions 3Eighty Blog this month!